The future came too soon: “Anomie en Masse”

Turkish composer Eren Başbuğ drops his futuristic vision with an electronic double single debut.

In a strange way, 2020 is Eren Başbuğ’s year: The vision of the future he describes in his electronic

piece “Anomie en Masse” has materialized as social constructs disintegrate around the global pandemic.

The double single will be available on July 24th under Music Dribble Entertainment.

After working with Jordan Rudess, Paul Winter and Dream Theater, Eren Başbuğ was

commissioned by Zorlu PSM and Digi.Logue’s “Future Tellers Exhibition” in Turkey. He was asked to create a piece reflecting upon the future and how he envisioned it.

The result, “Anomie en Masse”, suggests that the advancement of technology will lead human

civilization to a thin line between reality and illusion. Easy access to resources, information and communication will drive us to a headspace of disposability. The speed of consumption will cause a constant dissatisfaction and disconnection with the real world surrounding us. Distorted sounds in the music disrupt softer passages of intrigue to symbolize mass instability.

“If we can quickly reach something, we start ignoring its value… Unfortunately, this is true for human relationships as well” Başbuğ echoes the sentiment in his music by layering faint dialogues of empty words beneath the orchestra of synthesizers.

Later, Eren invited Colombian producer 28 Lines to expand on his vision by re-imagining the

composition. 28 Lines softened the contrasts and employed a more linear development on his remake titled “Anomic Polarity”.

Both composers have been influenced by the minimal techno aesthetic of Monolake, the textures

and transitions of Jon Hopkins and the heavy distorted sounds of Soulwax.

Our Thoughts:

This is an extremely ambitious project, with an abstract and intricate sound. Both 'Anomie en Masse' and 'Anomic Polarity' have the same, grim and eerie vibe, thanks to the immersive bassline and captivating melody. There is an absence of vocals, rather voice samples are used to supplement this. A very unique and distinctive sound has been experimented with and created in this track, cementing Eren Başbuğ's place as an artist who isn't afraid to exceed the boundaries, to create something that's never been done before.

Başbuğ and 28 Lines have teamed up with record label Music Dribble Entertainment to bring the

songs to all digital streaming platforms this summer.

Listen here: