The Phoenix Within Releases New Single 'Tenfold'

The Phoenix Within has released a new single entitled 'Tenfold'.

This is a refreshing new track with an electrifying riff, riveting bassline, and engaging vocals. The drum pattern is versatile, sustaining the momentum of the track perfectly. All aspects of the track work seamlessly together to create a compelling track. In addition to this track, The Phoenix Within has also released a stunning music video, combining narrative with a live performance, with gorgeous visuals rich in meaning and value. This is what they had to say about the music video.

"Our music video contains strong but moving imagery delivering a simple message; Chaos and discord will never cease to be part of our world. So we must all try to respect each other and find common ground. In the path to understanding each other we will move forward, pass the hatred, finding peace and love."

This is a highly recommended single and you can listen here:

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