The Real J Israel Releases Fresh New Single 'DAMN GOOD MAN'

The quandary of religion and self is existent ever since the birth of humankind. The life of struggling Atlanta based singer Real J Israel is a prominent instance of this dilemma. Real J has an innate passion for music. On the other hand, his temperament has a love for religion. He has spent his life serving both. Though, Real J Israel maintained a balance between two wonderfully.

Real J Israel has given the music industry many brilliant single tracks. The pangs of pandemics have been diminished by his recent single released Damn Good Man a few days back. The essentials of Rhythm and Blues with a distinctive style of drums, correction of pitch and particular arrangement of vocals make it technical and tough. Real J Israel has earned his expertise in the genre along with winning the award. Damn Good Man from the vocals of Real J Israel is so appealing and loving that one can feel the reasons for his joining the passion for music again.

The tone and tune of Damn Good Man are not conventional in nature. It is incorporated with adoration and passion. It is apparent that Real J has invested his all vitalities for the task. The versatile tunes with expressive lyrics are evenly knitted into a single track. If we view his rest of projects released recently Damn Good Man carries the weight of all of his productions. We may call it a face of his all ventures. Real J Israel has earned a massive fan following in brief time, subsequently public is demanding more from him apart from his dedicated services for religion.

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