TheLight OI Releases New Album 'Peace And Love'

TheLight OI has released a new album entitled 'Peace and Love'. The album is 5 tracks in length.

While all 5 tracks are soulful and calming, there is one track I really want to focus on. "The Beauty of Life' is an intricate, beautifully-composed, heartful composition, sure to fiddle with the heartstrings. This beautiful composition is soft yet rapid in its approach. The piano is the only instrument used in this beautifully diverse track. I love how this song really comes to life and tells a narrative, even with the absence of vocals. This is a highly recommended album and you can listen here:

Li Yang Yang, by his nickname TheLight OI (Thelight01), has been playing the piano since he was 6, composing at the age of 11. Later, he taught himself some more advanced techniques. He performed in three major concerts including the Black Keys Etude.

He mainly composes classical, contemporary and romantic music. So far, he has composed more than 100 original works.