For the past several years, The Real King Marz has been one of the rising voices on the music scene. With an enviable, smooth voice and a killer beat, Marz brings out one good tune after another, covering a wide array of topics in his music.

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His latest offering, amusingly entitled “Marz on Earth”, really lets the artist’s talent shine through. It’s witty and manages to capture an essential aspect of life on this planet, covering favorite topics like life, making ends meet, as well as maintaining a relationship.

One of my favorite tracks on Marz’s new album is simply called “Shade”. It starts out slow, with a very discreet beat, making it appropriate in pretty much any social setting (whether you’re at a party, or just running early in the morning).

This tune really stands out, in my opinion, as it showcases Marz’s skill. He really glides through moods, effortlessly switching from a more in-your-face kind of rap to a smooth, more laid-back vibe.

The tune sets a somewhat regretful mood, and really manages to engage the audience, pushing you to think and more importantly, feel.

Another track that stands out, in my opinion, is “I remember”. This one has a more upbeat sort of vibe, which makes a perfect combo with the previous tune. This powerful song is a definite summer anthem, skillfully combining Marz’s love for music and general playful attitude with universally relatable lyrics that stick in your mind for a long time after you put down the headphones.

“Marz on Earth” is a very versatile sort of album, because of the complexity of subjects it takes on, but also because it caters to such a diverse audience. As someone who isn’t generally a big fan of rap, I have to say, I was really taken with this album, and have listened to it several times since I first heard it.

But then, it has always been the trait of skillful artists to transcend a given genre and appeal to as many people as possible, helping create a veritable connection through music.