Tom Gilberts Releases New Album 'Old School'

Tom Gilberts has released a new album entitled 'Old School'. This album has 12 rocking blues tracks for us to delve in and enjoy.

The album opens with the track, 'Lady Luck'. This track begins with a compelling solo, drawing in the attention of the listener early. When the vocals begin, a narrative begins. The use of lyricism and the language techniques embedded within it, makes for vivid storytelling.

'Ass, Gas or Grass', is a quirky track, with a compelling bassline and melody. The drum pattern is minimalistic, drawing the focus towards the rough vocals, quirky narrative, and hypnotic melodies. This is a really chill and easy-going track.

The self-titled track 'Old School' - really does have an old-school kick to it, thanks to the contents of the lyrics, bouncy drum pattern, and nostalgic riffs. This is a beautifully composed track, with a quick and flavorful nature. There is a little something for everyone to enjoy here.

'My Paper Bag' - is a very distinctive track. With the absence of vocals, the focus is purely on the staggering blues riff. Tom Gilberts doesn't disappoint with his guitar skills. The listener is positioned by the mesmerizing lead.

'You Missed Me' is an upbeat, toe-tapping jam, that will really pull you in and captivate you. This is a track that feels vibrant and uplifting. The solos are magnificent and the bass is rich. This is quite a phenomenal track.

This is continued in 'Nighttime'. This track juxtaposes early tracks such as 'My Paper Bag' - with a more eerie and grim mood. It highlights Gilberts' expertise, and ability to experiment and execute an array of different moods and sounds.

The final track, 'The Fuzz', is a really enjoyable track, and a fantastic way to conclude what has been a stellar album. The riff at the one-minute mark of this track is electrifying and moves you in a way unlike before. This track has a very distinct sound, and I for one love it.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Tom Gilberts.