Top 5 5G4B Tracks

Today - we are excited to showcase an artist 5G4B, and our top 5 picks from his work.


This is a thrilling track, with a strong sense of horror and anxiousness. The constant chainsaw effect sounds life-like and adapts to the upbeat yet horrifying melody perfectly. This is a phenomenal track that can really send shivers down your spine.

Philly Billy Blaze

This track is like the polar opposite to chainsaw, with a more optimistic and catchy tune, mixed well with a riveting bassline, and an upbeat drum pattern. The stark contrast between these two tracks in particular highlights 5G4B's true artistry.

Yah Yah Snacks

I think what really gets me with this track is the Scooby-Doo sample. This track is refreshing and something different. It almost sounds like a soundtrack off a platformer video game. The diversity of the track is phenomenal.


This track is indulging and hypnotic. It has a very addictive yet ambient feel about it, which makes you want more while remaining satisfied. 5G4B's array of different soundtracks really is a testament to his talent and skill.

Go-Go Gadget Crank

This track is astounding. 5G4B's sample abilities are exceptional, and this track proves it. The anticipation this track builds feels very real, and I could listen to this song on repeat for a very long time and not get bored.

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