Travis Braden Releases New Album 'From the Gravel Roads'

Singer/Songwriter Travis Braden has released a new album entitled 'From the Gravel Roads'.

This is Braden's 3rd album, proceeding 'From the Highways' and 'From the Crossroads'. This album is 10 tracks of pure bliss.

The album opens with the track 'Hobo Lean'. This is a contagious and uplifting track, with warm vocals and a beautiful acoustic guitar to lead the melody. This sets up the album, with rich storytelling, and an addictive acoustic riff to paint the scene.

Directly proceeding is 'Snippet of a Dream' which takes on elements of the first track, and gives it a refresh. For example, the acoustic melody is still a prominent aspect of this track, but it has been reworked from the first track, to create a unique sound.

'Rest of My Days' however has a completely different sound, which really diversifies the track. The drums play a major role in breaking up the track. I love the sound of this track, and the uneasy mood it creates. This is a phenomenal track.

'Get Out Of Town' is an instant classic. The punk-like lyrics and execution solidifies this track as being one of the most experimental on the album. If it wasn't for the acoustic guitar, I would be under the impression that Travis Braden is an indie-punk band! Regardless - I love this track.

'I Told You' - is a lot more down-tempo than the previous tracks. The lyrics are on show here, as they are filled with emotion, passion and gratitude. The drums and acoustic riff work seamlessly together in this track.

'Look Who's in Red Bluff' finalised the album, with a firm and powerful message. The vocals feel warm and cunning, and the nature of the instrumental feels powerful and conclusive. This is the perfect way to end off what has been a spectacular album - I am looking forward to future projects by Travis Braden.

Listen here: