Trees Of Daymare Release New Single 'Strength In Weakness'

Trees Of Daymare have released their highly anticipated debut single 'Strength In Weakness'.

The track falls under the melodic death metal genre. The track has an impressive duration of 8:03. It is jam-packed with exciting and gripping musical content. The vocals first off - are superb, and fitting with the death metal theme. They are passionate and grim, they croak a narrative of pain and suffering. The instrumental is heavily layered. Electric guitars play a key role in developing a passionate and staggering melody throuought the entirety of the composition. The bass assists this distinctive melody as well. The drums also have a critical role of developing a fast paced track. The tempo is fast and the mood is energetic yet grim. This is a highly recommended track and you can listen here:

We are looking forward to more of what Trees Of Daymare has to offer in the near future.