Treyfoh Releases New Single 'Need My Dough' Featuring Giezy Corleone

Treyfoh has released a new single entitled, 'Need My Dough' featuring Giezy Corleone.

This is a powerful, head-bopping, west-coast vibe track. Beginning with the melody, the electronic synth-like melody is contagious and diverse. This really gives this track some flavor and personality. The drum pattern works well with the west-coast approach to this track, taking a step away from trap, which seems to have taken over mainstream rap nowadays. The lyricism and execution from both Treyfoh and Giezy Corleone are flawless. Both deliver powerful, on-beat, ground shaking lyricism, through a clear and concise flow. This is a highly recommended track and I am personally looking forward to future projects by these two.

Listen here: