Trips In Spring

A'yo Kay'jae and 3kko team up to release a new project entitled 'Valentines Chronicles' - with 5 highly seductive and moody tracks.

The opening track 'Don't Want Me To Go' is filled with RnB and trapsoul elements. It is a vibrant and bouncy track that can entice any listener. The drum pattern is perfectly positioned to align with the pad-like melody. The vocals are perfect in assisting the romanticised theme.

'Fucked Up' has a similar beat, with an ambient pad-like melody and trap inspired drums. The vocals are consistent from the opening track, which is an appreciated touch to keep the flow of the project in check. The artist is remorseful in this composition, creating for an interesting and overall engaging track.

'Trips' is overall, a beautiful and well composed track. The idea of going all over the world with a special someone is a unique concept to RnB. It is executed so well in this track, with a versatile flow and bouncy beat.

'Know What It Is' is significantly different to prior tracks off this project, with a thumping 808 baseline. The repetition in the lyricism is well crafted, creating a catchy and memorable track. The pluck like melody is impeccable. I love everything this track has to offer.

The final track, 'Beat It' - concludes the project perfectly. It is relaxing and rejuvenating with its ambient melody and versatile flow. It completes the project, yet leaves the listener wanting more.

I am excited for future projects by this duo, for now, you can listen to 'Valentines Chronicles' here:

Favourite track - 'Fucked Up'