Tully Bandz Releases New Album 'Strange Pack'

Tully Bandz has released as 6 track album entitled 'Strange Pack'.

The album opens with the self-titled track 'Strange Pack'. This track has a heavy and distorted 808 bassline and a contagious melody. The track is full of geeky references such as Sonic and WWE wrestler Mick Foley. This is a very distinctive track that has captivated my attention early in the project.

The next track 'Momma Told Me' - highlights Tully Bandz's consistent and unique flow. The beat in this track is punchy and well balanced, with a minimal melody, deep kicks, and crisp snares. The flow on this track is faster then the previous track, really adding some spice and flavor to this album.

'Come & See' is a lot darker than the previous track, with a melody on the minor scale, and a flow deeper than before. The lyricism feels demanding and powerful. "You do not want it with me" - is a line in the hook that echoes through the track, and really sends shivers down the spine. You don't want to get on Tully Bandz bad side, especially after hearing this track.

'97 Nissan' is one of my favorite tracks off the album. The flow is extremely bouncy on this track and complements the retro-like melody beautifully. The partial pauses is a really nice touch that breaks up the track and keeps it versatile.

'Acid Rain / Break A Sweat' shares the same feel as '97 Nissan'. Having these tracks back to back feels natural and seamless. The hook is catchy, and is immediately followed up by one of the hardest verses off the album. With the combination of distorted 808s and endless bars, this track is extraordinary!

This album finishes off on 'Love Cloud Trip' - a very emotional and romanticised track - very different from all the other tracks. We see a different and slower side of Tully Bandz on this track, and it is a necessary track to close the album.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to upcoming projects by Tully Bandz.

Listen here: