UNDEAD PAPI Releases New EP “Lysergic Network”

UNDEAD PAPI is thrilled to release his latest album Lysergic Network that is available NOW on all streaming platforms. Known for his unique musical style and flow, UNDEAD PAPI is breaking down the barrier between modern rap and hard rock.

This collection of songs tell stories of an individual journey, of both positive and negative experiences . Listening to Lysergic Network, you can hear influences from a range of genres such as hip-hop to metal. The flow of every song is successfully delivered with a strong vocal presence, accompanied by a diverse mix of instrumentals. While his other music is a more grimy and in-your-face flavor, UNDEAD PAPI produced this EP with the intention of dialing it back and approaching a chilled and wavy aesthetic. Each song has a slightly different vibe and message, but they all blend together with an ambient, airy sound that makes the listener feel like they are walking on clouds (hence the title of the sub-genre being "cloud rap").

The leading track titled "simpsons" kicks off with a techno-synth wave that layers instrumentals in, along with a smooth hook and gratifying flow on the verse. The second song titled "under da sofa!" is an uplifting track with a melodic hook in an autotune style singing, combined with influences through decades of music. The third song "serotonin deficient" explores a downcast perspective, speaks of the hardships and tribulations he has faced, and how he struggles to cope through each dispiriting day. The fourth song "414LEGEND" is a confident approach to his setbacks, speaking of how he overcame his demons in the heartfelt verse flows and unforgiving hook. The fifth and final song "illumination" is a slow and steady flow speaking on the journey he took in order to evolve as an artist/person, and the psychedelic journeys he’s embarked on to explore different perspectives and mental healing.

UNDEAD PAPI hails from Milwaukee with an impressive amount of accomplishments in the industry, and has accumulated over 500k streams on Spotify with most of them from his hit single “Death Is Near”. In addition to his stacked streams, his music has been reviewed and covered by notable music enthusiasts, and you might even catch one of his songs in a future Rob Zombie movie.

UNDEAD PAPI is consistently producing music that explores different situations and emotions, proving himself able to compete with prestigious artists alike. In the meantime of upcoming music, check out his other tracks and follow him on social media for the latest music updates.

Listen here: https://www.flow.page/undeadpapi?fbclid=IwAR0kTeA5oTGBvHUM8YEOcZHInWKDIuZhkFcjuk7td9obr6XItHAeYNsIkVw