Victor Talking Machine Company: Home To Some Of The Best Artists and Record Players!

Victor Talking Machine Company is a record label/music good company, rich in history. Their contribution to the music scene has been paramount. The company roots back to the very beginning of the music industry with the invention of the microphone, disk record and record player - the basis of the modern music industry. The Victor Talking Machine Co. brought music to homes worldwide and made the art of the recorded disk and turntable a global phenomenon. The label has worked with some extremely famous names, such as Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

The company has a very straight forward goal, and a goal I personally believe they achieve with great success every working day. The company finds extremely talented artists, record their music, build turntables and press the records. The company is also selling music-related apparel and home audio equipment, including headphones, speakers, Bluetooth devices and their famous Victrola 'Pathfinder' Record Player.

The company has a signature wood-grain across the majority of their devices, a beautiful finish which really gives off a nostalgic 60's vibe. The Victrola 'Pathfinder' Record Player also comes with built-in Victor pre-amp powers two gorgeous polished walnut fronted ‘bookshelf’ speakers with no hassle or fuss. Simply plug and play your favourite records with these bad boys, I am excited to get my hands on one of these.

Be sure to check out this company, whether it be for your next record player, or a few beanies and flip flops.