West Of House Set To Release New Album 'Crescendo of Silence'

West Of House is set to release a new 10 track album entitled 'Crescendo of Silence'. We got an early listen of the album and will be sharing our top 4 picks from the album.


This is the opening track of the album and really sets up the track nicely. This album sounds like pop-rock, with really enjoyable riffs, and a fantastic drum pattern, which perfectly sustains the momentum of the composition. The vocals feel dynamic and versatile on this track.

Chasing After Memories

This track feels very sentimental and calming, with a beautiful vocal delivery taking the show. The exceptional lyricism and language techniques embedded within it, are tear-jerking. This is accompanied by the beautiful and often uplifting melody. This track is exceptional.

Turn Of Phrase

This track shares a lot of the qualities established in 'Chasing After Memories'. This track sounds like a soundtrack, with the keys forming a dynamic and emotional melody, accompanied by heavenly vocals. West Of House can make you experience an array of different emotions through their projects - this track is evidence of that.


A more uplifting track, with a more apparent and faster drum pattern. This track breathes inspiration and motivation into the listener, with empowering lyrics, confidently executed, over an instrumental that continuously builds up.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to its official release.