Youtube Sensation Ghostkid1997 AKA Arrington Releases Debut Album: "A Deal with God"

Arrington has released his debut album "A Deal with God" under his youtube channel, Ghostkid1997.

The album has 11 tracks and falls under the hard rock category. A track that really stands out to me is 3. Don't Jump To Conclusions. This track has an experimental nature and appeals to a wide audience. The melody is hypnotic and mesmerizing, the electric guitar is cunning, and builds a surreal atmosphere. The vocals are deep and paint a wicked narrative for the listener.

Ghostkid1997's Youtube channel as a whole is worth checking out. There is an abundance of different videos, highlighting Arrington's skill and devotion for music. I respect him as an artist and his experimental and industrial style. Nobody does hard rock the same as this guy, and his Youtube channel is where you can access his latest content.

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