Noah Penza, is the owner of Fresh Out Of The Booth. He started this website/business on May 10th of 2017. On the first weekend of starting this website, he received an overwhelming amount of visitors on the site. It inspired him to create new ideas and continue his website.

The nudge that inspired him to pursue this project was his passion for music and his love for writing. He has always wanted to be a screenwriter but the opportunities were limited in his area. So he took a more practical approach and aspired to become a journalist and work his way up to The New York Times. Still, a high goal to achieve, but still achievable with the right opportunities and mindset.

"I listen to music every day, and a lot of it. Sometimes too much. In 2017, my listening time all up was 30 days. Obviously, I got things done while listening to music like running a business or working out at the gym, but that sure is a long time if you ask me.

As I listen to music, I analyze lyrics and the beat, and I'm fascinated by the art of all types of music. One strong thing I love about music is how anybody can make a song and publish it to the world nowadays. Back in the day, you had to be a band in your parent's garage and get local gigs to make it big, and so many sounds will never be heard because musicians never had that break. In today's day and age, anybody can use digital programs to produce and compose a song and submit it to the internet and essentially, be heard. This gives us a lot more opportunities to discover new musicians and sounds we would never have heard before had it not be for platforms such as Spotify, Youtube or Soundcloud.

All these opportunities are great, however, there are so many songs and musicians we will never hear from because there are just too many songs to be discovered, we won't hear them all.

Here comes my idea, what if there was a way to share music on a more exclusive website with a lot of readers? Well on Fresh Out Of The Booth, I share music by artists you would never have heard from before (probably) in an article where I explain a little about the artist and their latest project. I embed a player so you can hear their music without external links and get a feel for what the artist has on offer.

It is an effective way to find an audience if you are a musician and looking for your big break. I have regular producers and labels always looking through my articles, looking for the next big star, and it has helped boost careers.

I love what I do and its given me so much experience for future ambitions. Throughout  2019, I vow to continue to boost careers for musicians and listen to a lot more music."

- Noah Penza


Noah Penza.

Est. May 10, 2017

Sydney, Australia